Reflection on Amal Totkay:

During my course in the last week, I took the test about the mindset whether I have a growth mindset or fixed mindset or in between. I was happy to see that I have a growth mindset with some fixed beliefs. I have some fixed beliefs like opportunities other than education and sports come to you based on your luck. I had applied for the for various opportunities but did not get selected no matter how much effort I have had done for it. It became my belief after I faced many failures. I had gratitude for the things that I have. But my morale for applying for new and difficult things suddenly got low. The result is I didn’t take the scholarships and my career serious at some point in my life. I knew if I had to come up with this fixed notion I had to do something for me. That’s why I joined Amal. I was teached by my Abu since my Childhood that:

“Agar kisi cheez ko hasil krna hai to us k liye na sirf mhnat, aur mushaqat ki zaroorat hai blky ibadat aur Riazat ki zaroorat hoti hai.”

“If you want something in your life, get it by your diligence, struggle, faith and most important of all by Devotedness (the utter spiritual indulgence into something).”

I didn’t get the meaning of “ Riyazat” though my Abu explained me. Since I didn’t practice it, I was never be able to get it completely at any point.

The spiritual indulgence in any thing can be attained by the complete growth mindset. Amal has changed by perspective of taking things differently. The five totkays revolve around the devotion which I lack. If you want something, be open to it, try for it, fake yourself as a superwoman (lol:I am a girl), get people around you and get out of your comfort zone and implement it by developing new habit around yourself.

I have a perception that if you think something you are going to start, will take your enormous amount of time and effort, it will become the easier in the middle till end it is easiest one. Amal totkas gives me courage to think beyond what can I do, it is What I can’t do and do it immediately.

For a student, finding mentors is the most difficult task. There are many sessions, webinar and guidance on this topic that I attended. But I was unable to find them because I was unable to analyze the people personality, professionalism and authority. Indeed, I am now much more confident about finding the right person as a mentor because of Amal.

How can I find the most favorite tip. These all are my favourite not for me but all the persons out there who want to grow more personally and professionally. The tips are way of helping students you can do more for anything. If I had to choose, I would go for the self-talk and create new habits.

What I have learned more from these tips, is to create new habits. Before joining Amal, I restrained my personal goals and achievements to my heart only That was my thinking why should I let anyone know about my goals through my journal. But after writing my goals, I get clearer about my personality and professional goals.

Keeping things access to my journal and get out of my comfort zone are already implemented by me. But the creation of new habits, self-talk and ask right people for help are things that I really want to develop overtime. I wish every person in our beloved country practice for having growth mindset so we can grow as a nation and beat the world problem together.

Pharm-D student